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Attendees listening at a CCEN mixer


Become the star of the show! Spotlighting at the Central Coast Event Network is your opportunity to showcase your talents to a room full of fellow event professionals. As a Vendor Spotlight, you contribute to the vibrancy of our mixers, gain visibility, build valuable connections, and position yourself as a go-to professional in the event industry. It's a chance to shine, collaborate, and leave a lasting impression on our dynamic community. If you're ready to elevate your presence, apply to be a Vendor Spotlight today!

Spotlighting Values

Guitarist and singer posing for the camera with all of their equipment

We Don't Exhibit:
Our Mixers are a Party!

At CCEN, we redefine the standard exhibition. Our Vendor Spotlights move beyond traditional table displays; instead, they create an immersive and dynamic experience, transforming the venue into a vibrant event setting. Envision photographers capturing unforgettable moments, caterers delighting taste buds with delectable bites, and formalwear providers presenting their attire on live models. Our mixers seamlessly blend networking with immersive event experiences, where each vendor injects their unique style to cultivate a lively and engaging professional atmosphere with a real-live event twist. Amidst it all, valuable networking and relationship-building take center stage, all while having a great time!

Vendor Spotlight Investments

Bring the Industry Together

We're a volunteer-led organization, and our mixers thrive on the generosity of event professionals like you. By contributing your products or services, you play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and community growth.

Four Steps to Apply to be a
Spotlight Vendor

Check the Calendar

Explore the available venues and dates to find your perfect spotlight opportunity.

Apply to Spotlight

Express your interest in spotlighting at an upcoming mixer by filling out the form below.

Await Our Email

We'll reach out via email to confirm your selected date or propose an alternative that aligns seamlessly with logistics and coordination.

See if You're Official

You're officially included in our spotlight lineup once we add you to the Calendar (from Step 1) and confirm via email.

Vendor & Venue Spotlight Sign-Up


If you are interested in being a Vendor/Venue Spotlight at a future mixer, please fill out the form. You can view our Vendor Spotlight Calendar to see where we have future openings and which venue the mixers will be held at.


All vendors with a business license and liability insurance are welcome to apply.

Day of Event

Spotlights must arrive up to 90 minutes prior to our mixer start time to set-up and be ready to go. Spotlights should be ready and available to meet guests when doors open. 

Begin Here to Apply to be a Spotlight:

Do you have a business license?
Do you have liability insurance or can you provide liability insurance for the day of our event?
Do you have a catering permit or cottage foods permit?
Select all dates you are available to be spotlighted and we will be in touch to let you know which date works best based on coordination and other vendor sign-ups.

Thank you for expressing your interest in being a part of CCEN's spotlight. We'll be reaching out soon to confirm your spot, officially securing you in our upcoming mixer and adding you to our Spotlight Calendar.

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